Customizing Ready-made Blinds.

Measuring, cutting and installing blinds can seem an easy thing to do. However as with most things that appear simple it can soon turn nasty.

In many homes the window lintel is steel. Drilling into these materials requires skill, technique and the right tools.

If you buy standard width and drop blinds they cost a lot less than custom made blinds.  Altering these blinds to suit your exact requirements is what I specialize in. The savings made often makes this approach a very cost effective way to have your blinds fitted perfectly.

I can do most alterations onsite, prior to installing.  However for large houses  I will measure, take the blinds away for alterations and return to install them.  If you prefer to install them yourself I also offer just the alteration service.

Measuring windows needs to be accurate. You only get one chance at this especially if you are ordering on-line custom fitted blinds. I have been in too many situations where a client has ordered on-line blinds and when they arrive, they do not fit. This is a very costly and all too common mistake many people make.  I can measure for you prior to ordering on-line blinds and return when they arrive to install if required.

All of my work is guaranteed so you can have total piece of mind, that the job when finished, will be the very best you could ever hope for.

A very positive advantage of being a woman in this industry is the simple fact I understand the needs of my clients and listen well to what they are asking for. I even make sure I clean up after myself. Properly!